I am a photographer!


      First let me start by saying I have a wonderful husband and four wonderful kids, ages 16, 14, 11, and 4! My husband is part owner of his own company, Affordable Sprayless Scratch Repair here in Wichita. We are very busy and always on the go so this career choice is very important to me, since it allows me to be here to support my husband and take care of our wonderful children. My schedule is exactly what I make it thanks to my husband.


     For me, photography is a stress reliever! It's like looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I love freezing time and sharing in your memories!! I thrive on your experience being one of a kind from start to finish. I will travel to you, your venue, a park, home, or any destination of your choice, or I'm happy to choose somewhere. These are your memories and should be how you want them. Your experience with me will not disappoint!!


     My love for photography started nearly eight years ago with a point and shoot camera that my husband bought me for our first vacation together in Portland, Oregon. Also, where he proposed to me! I took thousands of pictures on that trip!


     Fast forward a few years, my Father-in-Law and husband now own their own Scratch Repair/Detail/PDR shop here in Wichita. Working with vehicles they found there was a need for photographers at dealerships to take photos of their vehicles and put them online for sale. So...guess who was blessed with a new career as a photographer....YES!!! This girl! I have now been a professional photographer for more than 4 years now. Automobiles are definitely my favorite thing to photograph, landscapes and people are tied in 2nd!